Global Privacy & VPN Guide

Selecting a VPN server is like choosing the best character in a video game: it’s not just about the flashy moves (speed and latency), but also about the lore (geopolitical climate and surveillance history). Make a wrong move, and you might just find yourself respawning at the “Your Connection is Not Private” screen.

In our expansive database of 132 countries, each comes with its own set of ‘game mechanics’—think data protection laws, freedom of speech, and government surveillance tendencies. Some countries might be the tutorial level where it’s easy to roam freely. Others? Let’s just say they’re the ‘Dark Souls’ of online privacy, and you’ll need all the in-game armor (read: VPN) you can get.

While some nations are akin to Animal Crossing, others might be a bit more, well, ‘sus’ (cue the ‘Among Us’ memes). And don’t even get us started on potential account lockouts; we’ve all been there, frantically clicking “It’s really me!” in emails.

So as you browse our country-specific VPN opinions, remember: In the grand game of internet freedom, it’s always better to be over-leveled than underprepared.