McAfee VPN

It’s highly likely that you’re familiar with McAfee if you’re acquainted with any company in the realm of digital security and virus protection. Founded in the United States in 1987, McAfee has gained notoriety primarily for its antivirus software. However, upon discovering that they also offer a VPN service, we felt compelled to put it to the test. Here are our findings.

We found that McAfee has an extremely poor logging policy. Their VPN service logs information that can be used to personally identify you, including your IP address and the websites you visit. By using McAfee Safe Connect, you’re essentially forfeiting your privacy to McAfee instead of safeguarding it. While it’s true that VPN providers retain logs, they are typically only the minimum necessary to ensure their services run smoothly.

Infested with tracking scripts

One thing I always do when testing out app-based VPNs is pay attention to my DNS logs for anything suspicious. One or two pings to home servers is nothing unusual, you do have to connect to your provider’s servers to log in, change account settings, etc. But when I start to see a bunch of advertising domains come up, it makes the company lose any credibility whatsoever. While using their VPN app, I saw the following connections in my DNS logs:

Slower speeds

It’s common knowledge that using a VPN service can often result in a slower internet connection – but I found McAfee’s speeds to be horrendously slow. One of the reasons for this is that VPN providers may have a limited infrastructure that they use to route their customers’ internet traffic through. To save money and reduce infrastructure costs, VPN providers may opt to use a smaller number of servers, which can become overloaded and slow down the overall connection speed. While some VPN providers do invest in larger server networks and higher quality infrastructure, the cost associated with this can make their services more expensive than other options on the market. Clearly McAfee is not one of them.


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