ZoogVPN, based in Greece, began as just a mere idea in 2010 after it’s creators were dealing with censorship and barriers themselves.1 The service formally launched in 2013 and since then has acquired mixed reviews. Unfortunately, while my speed tests were fast and had low latency, that’s where to good news ends. The Windows version of their app is slow and clunky and it was reported by a reddit user (albeit 3 years ago) that the killswitch functionality in the Windows application does not work properly.2 According to top10vpn.com, the killswitch feature on their macOS version will leak your IP address.3

It cannot be understated that DNS leaks are a huge privacy concern. The last thing you would ever want to have happen to you is to a connect to a VPN that you paid for and entrusted with your privacy, and then were betrayed because of poor software.

Interestingly, their CEO, Yaroslav Savenkov, has previously worked for data and marketing firms4 which may be considered a red flag for some users. After all, using a VPN to encrypt and transport your data means you trust the provider with your data.

On a positive note, the VPN service passed the DNS leak test; however it revealed that ZoogVPN configures their servers to use Google DNS. While not a huge privacy concern in and of itself, I’d expect a better alternative from a company committed to privacy.

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