AdGuard VPN

AdGuard has offered ad-blocking and tracking protection software for over 10 years, so my expectations of its VPN were reasonably high.

On AdGuard’s website, there are several promises. It boasts about providing you with high speeds, the ability to virtually teleport you around the world, and keep you safe online. It also promises you the ability to watch “anything from anywhere”.

While all this sounds amazing, I took AdGuard VPN for a spin to make sure it can deliver excellent performance and live up to its word. The VPN pleasantly surprised me in many ways. While not as good as top-tier VPNs, AdGuard has a lot to offer.

AdGuard VPN offers a wide selection of over 100 servers in 44 countries with a kill switch to block internet access if the connection drops. This is a valuable feature for those concerned about privacy, as AdGuard has a no-logs policy, meaning the company can’t provide information about its users even if asked. However, this policy hasn’t been independently verified, so you’ll just have to take their word for it. The jurisdiction of AdGuard is in Cyprus, which provides better privacy protection under European GDPR rules compared to companies based in, say, the USA.

Unfortunately, AdGuard doesn’t offer the “double VPN” feature that some other VPN services do, where your connection is routed through two servers for added security and anonymity. But, on the bright side, AdGuard does allow BitTorrent traffic, so you can anonymously download those “sensitive” files.

During our testing, we were impressed by AdGuard’s security measures. When our colleague attempted to access the account from a different location to run speed tests, AdGuard’s system temporarily locked the account. This is a rare and reassuring extra layer of protection that we haven’t seen before.

In conclusion, AdGuard VPN is a solid choice for those looking for a VPN with a kill switch and no-logs policy. The lack of a “double VPN” feature and independent verification of the no-logs policy may be drawbacks for some, but the BitTorrent traffic allowed and the added security measures make up for it.


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