Rumble Cloud Beta Launch: A New Chapter in Cloud Computing and Open Internet

Today marks a significant milestone in the quest for a free and open internet as Rumble, the video-sharing platform that went public in late 2022, announces the beta release of Rumble Cloud. The announcement was made ahead of the company’s scheduled timeline, signaling a strong commitment to its mission of challenging industry norms set by Big Tech conglomerates.

Addressing Market Disenfranchisement

Rumble Cloud is entering the cloud services market at a time of heightened focus on content moderation, free speech, and centralization. According to Grand View Research, the global cloud computing market was valued at USD 483.98 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 14.1% from 2023 to 2030. This booming industry is increasingly not just about providing reliable, fast, and accessible internet services, but also about moderating the content that passes through its servers.

Major tech companies like Google, often find themselves in the role of arbiters of truth, adding warning labels to content they find to be misleading or inaccurate. Similarly, cloud computing giants like AWS, Cloudflare, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud find themselves in a precarious position. They are expected to provide a neutral, high-speed platform while also grappling with ethical and legal challenges around content moderation. The issue brings Section 230 into the spotlight, a U.S. law that generally protects these platforms from being held liable for the content users post, but also allows them some latitude in content moderation.

The discussion about centralization and control over the internet isn’t limited to just cloud service providers. ISPs like Hurricane Electric, often referred to as the “Internet Backbone,” have also wielded unprecedented power in this realm. For instance, Hurricane Electric blocked IPs associated with 1776 Hosting, indirectly affecting access to forums like Kiwi Farms. Although Hurricane Electric doesn’t have a direct relationship with 1776 Hosting, the latter’s ISPs are connected through a chain that eventually leads to Hurricane Electric. This move has been labeled unprecedented and has raised questions since Hurricane Electric has not provided an explanation.

Rumble Cloud aims to appeal to a market disillusioned by these ongoing challenges. Its entry is significant as debates around free speech, centralization, and the role of tech companies in content moderation continue to escalate. The company looks to position itself as an alternative in an industry that is both expanding rapidly and increasingly finding itself at the intersection of technology, law, and ethics.

Built on a Robust Infrastructure

Having raised substantial capital for content acquisition and infrastructure development since going public, Rumble has actively invested in building out a resilient and expansive infrastructure. This uniquely positions Rumble to offer its excess capacity into the cloud market, benefiting from economies of scale. The Rumble Cloud will provide a comprehensive array of cloud services, including virtual machines, Kubernetes, block and object storage, as well as networking services like load balancers and a virtual private cloud.

Why Alternatives Are Crucial

The increasing monopolization of cloud services by a few large tech corporations has led to a disturbing centralization of internet power. In this landscape, the launch of Rumble Cloud is a breath of fresh air. Alternative providers are crucial to counterbalance the influence of giants like Cloudflare and AWS, particularly for clients who prioritize privacy and independence from corporate control.

Concluding Thoughts

The launch of Rumble Cloud adds a new dimension to the ongoing discourse on internet freedom and corporate influence. As centralized platforms continue to grapple with the complex balance between free speech and content moderation, the emergence of alternative cloud service providers becomes increasingly important for maintaining a pluralistic internet ecosystem.

By offering robust, modern cloud solutions, Rumble Cloud stands as a testament to the vital need for diverse players in an industry largely dominated by a few. It remains to be seen how Rumble’s foray into this market will shape the future, but today’s announcement is undoubtedly a significant step forward in advocating for a free and open internet.

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