Is Turkey a good country for VPNs?

Turkey’s suitability as a VPN server location is shrouded in uncertainty, as the country’s “Below Average” rating on the Privacy Protection Index (PPI) indicates potential risks to user privacy. An ominous environment surrounds internet freedom in Turkey, with a history of pervasive online censorship, content restrictions, and blocking access to various social media platforms. Furthermore, the Law on the Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed by Means of Such Publications (Internet Law) empowers the government to monitor and block websites without judicial oversight, raising red flags for privacy-conscious VPN users.

The extensive surveillance and internet control measures in Turkey cast doubt on its viability as a secure VPN server location. The country is not part of any intelligence-sharing alliances such as the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or Fourteen Eyes; however, the existing legal framework and political climate raise significant concerns about user privacy and government intrusion. As a result, it is strongly recommended that users avoid Turkey as a VPN server location and instead opt for alternative locations with higher PPI ratings and a more favorable environment for privacy protection.

VPN servers in Turkey:


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