Is Moldova a good country for VPNs?

Moldova has an “Above Average” PPI rating, making it a good choice for a VPN server location. The country does not have strict internet censorship or mandatory data retention policies, which allows VPN providers to operate without excessive government interference. Additionally, Moldova has a generally positive attitude toward privacy and internet freedom, which can be an advantage for users seeking to protect their online activities. However, it’s essential to note that P2P file sharing and copyright infringement are illegal in Moldova, and users should be cautious when engaging in such activities.

Given Moldova’s “Above Average” PPI rating, it is a suitable location for a VPN server. However, if users are interested in exploring nearby alternatives, Romania could be another option. Romania boasts a “High” PPI rating and is known for its strong stance on internet privacy and minimal government surveillance. Romanian law does not enforce data retention policies for VPN providers, and the country is considered a safe haven for online privacy. Similar to Moldova, copyright infringement and P2P file sharing are illegal in Romania, but enforcement is not as strict compared to other European countries. Both Moldova and Romania can be viable options for users seeking a balance between privacy and latency in the region.

VPN servers in Moldova:


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