Is Andorra a good country for VPNs?

Andorra boasts a “High” Privacy Protection Index (PPI) rating, making it an attractive option for VPN users seeking strong privacy protections. This small European nation isn’t a member of the European Union and isn’t subject to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Consequently, Andorra has the flexibility to implement its own privacy laws. Regarding copyright and P2P sharing, the country has not demonstrated any significant crackdown on copyright infringement, which may be appealing to some VPN users. The nation’s data retention policies are less stringent, allowing for greater privacy for users.

However, despite Andorra’s strong privacy protection, its limited digital infrastructure and international connectivity might result in higher latency for VPN users. If latency is a concern, users might consider the nearby nation of Spain as an alternative. Spain offers an “Average” PPI rating, balancing privacy with reduced latency. As a member of the European Union, Spain adheres to the GDPR, which offers strong data protection standards for users. Spanish laws related to P2P sharing and streaming are relatively relaxed, making it a suitable location for users who prioritize both privacy and latency. Nonetheless, users should exercise healthy skepticism when selecting a VPN server in Spain due to its “Average” PPI rating.

VPN servers in Andorra:


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