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Fastly, Inc is one of the trusted partners of Apple for its iCloud Private Relay service¹. iCloud Private Relay is a new internet privacy service from Apple that allows users with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac and an iCloud+ subscription to connect to and browse the internet in a more secure and private way using Safari¹. Fastly, Inc. is an autonomous system number (ASN) managed by Fastly with the ASN number 54113³. Fastly has worked with Apple to leverage its Private Gateway service as a set of second internet relays in iCloud Private Relay’s dual-hop architecture¹. This architecture separates the two critical pieces of information associated with users accessing websites: the user’s IP address from websites that the user visits. The user’s IP address is visible to the user’s network provider and the first internet relay, but neither entity can see the website that the user is visiting. The first internet relay forwards traffic to the second internet relay, which can only view the destination website but not the original IP address of the user. The second internet relay assigns a ‘Relay IP address’ that maps to the location preference set by the user. This ‘Relay IP address’ is visible to the destination website¹. This separation of information protects the user’s privacy because no single entity can identify both who a user is and which sites they visit².

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