Oy Crea Nova Hosting Solution Ltd

Oy Crea Nova Hosting Solution Ltd, with Autonomous System Number (ASN) 51765, has been a significant player in the web hosting and data center industry. Founded over 12 years ago, the company operates a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) network that peers with 15 other networks and utilizes 5 upstream carriers. Their network status, as registered on November 2, 2010, shows a substantial presence in the data hosting sphere.

The company, also known as CreaNova Datacenter, has a global geographic scope and supports a balanced traffic ratio with traffic levels between 100-200Gbps. It offers around 2000 IPv4 prefixes and 500 IPv6 prefixes, indicating a significant scale of operations in the data networking realm.

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One notable incident involving Oy Crea Nova Hosting Solution Ltd in the context of the VPN industry was their engagement with NordVPN, a major VPN service provider. NordVPN terminated its contract with Oy Crea Nova Hosting Solution Ltd following a security breach at a Helsinki data center operated by the Finnish company. This breach, which occurred due to a poorly secured remote-management system and an expired private key, raised concerns over the potential creation of spoof NordVPN servers to harvest personal information. The breach and its subsequent revelation highlighted significant security concerns within the VPN industry, especially regarding the security practices of data center providers. NordVPN attributed the security lapse to Crea Nova, suggesting negligence in their security protocols. However, Crea Nova countered these claims, indicating a complex situation where responsibilities for security were shared between the provider and its clients.

Oy Crea Nova Hosting Solution Ltd’s terms and conditions emphasize the client’s responsibility for server content and security, including the obligation to maintain server security and integrity. This suggests a business model where clients are expected to play an active role in ensuring the security of their hosted solutions.

Overall, the relevance of Oy Crea Nova Hosting Solution Ltd to the VPN industry lies in their role as a data center provider and the implications of their security practices on the broader VPN service ecosystem. Incidents like the NordVPN breach highlight the critical nature of robust security measures in data centers, especially when handling sensitive data and services like VPNs.


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