AltusHost B.V. is a company that provides quality Web Hosting services. It was founded in 2008 and is based in Amsterdam, North Holland​. The company’s core business model is oriented towards offering renowned managed web hosting services at the lowest possible rate with the aim of gaining high customer satisfaction. The technical aspects of their service primarily focus on uptime and client satisfaction, boasting some of the fastest servers on the market and an equally fast and responsive support team. Their performance is reported to be second to none. One unique aspect of AltusHost is the high level of support guaranteed with all the plans they offer. Their diverse, well-trained, and motivated team works cohesively to deliver solutions 24/7, providing recognized global results to their clients. Their technical support team is a distinguishing factor that sets them apart from other hosting companies and makes them the preferred choice of individuals and businesses worldwide​.

Their ASN, 51430, was registered on August 20, 2010, and is currently active, allocated under RIPE​​.


Founded: 2008

ASN: 51430

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