Aloha Browser VPN

The Aloha Browser is one of the up-and-coming new browser apps for mobiles which targets one of the most important aspects of modern browsing — privacy. The Aloha Browser is the only browser (to our knowledge) that comes with a built-in VPN and encrypts user data at all levels. 

When you are using Aloha VPN Browser, just who’s servers are you really using? According to our research their servers are 38% M247, 16% IPXO, 16% Ghost, 10% CDN77, 7% Server Stadium, 7% Creanova, and 7% ZenLayer.

Overall, Aloha is a decent mobile web browser if you’re looking for free, more private, and secure browsing. Though, there are plenty of alternatives that protect your privacy like DuckDuckGo, Privacy Browser, Bromite, and the Brave Browser. If you’ve used Aloha, let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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