(previously MaxiHost) is a cloud-based platform that offers a range of services to help businesses manage their data infrastructure. According to their website, provides tools for data processing, storage, and analysis that can help businesses streamline their operations and make better use of their data.

Some of the key services offered by include managed Kubernetes clusters, object storage, and data pipeline management. These services are designed to help businesses optimize their data processing and storage capabilities, and provide a scalable platform for growth and innovation.

In addition to their core services, also offers consulting and support to help businesses get the most out of their data infrastructure. They work with clients to design and implement custom solutions tailored to their specific needs, and provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure their systems run smoothly.

Overall, appears to be a relatively new company that is focused on helping businesses harness the power of their data through cutting-edge technology and expert support which makes them a popular choice for VPN providers.

Is a VPN?

While does not directly provide VPN services, their extensive geographic infrastructure and high level of reliability make them a popular choice for VPN providers to lease from.’s data centers are located in multiple locations throughout the United States, as well as in Europe and Asia, providing VPN providers with a broad range of locations to choose from when routing their users’ traffic. Furthermore,’s infrastructure is known for its robustness and dependability, which is critical for VPN providers looking to ensure the privacy and security of their users’ data. The combination of’s diverse geographic presence and rock-solid infrastructure makes them an ideal partner for VPN providers seeking a dependable platform to build their services on.


Founded: 2001

ASN: 262287

What VPNs Use

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