Is Montenegro a good country for VPNs?

Montenegro, with an “Average” rating on the Privacy Protection Index (PPI), presents a somewhat mixed outlook as a location for VPN servers. While the country has not been subject to widespread privacy concerns, its “Average” PPI rating indicates that there is room for improvement in terms of privacy protection. Montenegro’s data protection laws align with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); however, the country’s overall privacy protections may not be as robust as those found in other EU member states.

Given Montenegro’s “Average” PPI rating, users seeking a more privacy-focused VPN server location should consider an alternative with a higher rating within the region. For example, Luxembourg, with an “Above Average” PPI rating, provides a more privacy-friendly environment for VPN servers. Although Montenegro’s “Average” rating suggests that it may be a decent choice for some users, those with heightened privacy concerns would be better served by opting for a location like Luxembourg, offering improved privacy protection and low latency for users within the region. By choosing a VPN server location with a higher PPI rating, users can enhance their privacy protection without sacrificing latency or connectivity.

VPN servers in Montenegro:

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