Is Macedonia a good country for VPNs?

Macedonia, now officially known as North Macedonia, offers a fairly reasonable environment for VPN server hosting. On the Privacy Protection Index (PPI), it falls within the Average category. While it doesn’t have comprehensive privacy laws comparable to GDPR in the EU, the country has demonstrated a commitment to uphold internet freedoms.

Macedonia has no explicit laws prohibiting the use of VPNs or specific encryption standards, which is a positive for VPN providers. However, its data retention laws are worth noting as they require internet service providers to store customer metadata for a certain period of time, potentially affecting anonymity.

When it comes to P2P file sharing, Macedonia doesn’t have stringent enforcement, but copyright laws still apply. It’s not a hotbed for copyright trolls but caution is advised for P2P users.

Overall, while Macedonia offers a decent environment, countries like Romania or the Netherlands in close geographic proximity may provide superior privacy protections and greater legal clarity, especially in the areas of P2P activities and data retention laws. These countries score Above Average on the PPI, making them more ideal for VPN server locations.

VPN servers in Macedonia:


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